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T G Treasures' Journal
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Friday, May 15th, 2009
11:29 am
Updated the Etsy Shop
I updated my Etsy shop last night and have put a number of hand dyed yarns in the "special offer" category.  These are marked down significantly and there's nothing wrong with them at all.  I have changed dye brands, so I am trying to cycle the others out.
Come take a look - there are some great steals there.
Thursday, September 4th, 2008
2:32 pm
Meet Violet
This is Violet. She comes from my birth state - Michigan.

Violet is a BFL/Romney cross who happens to have characteristics fleece wise mostly of her BFL heritage.

BlueFacedBreeders.com has some details about the breed -

Wool: The Bluefaced Liecester is classified as a Longwool breed with a staple length of 3- 6”, a fleece weight of 3 to 6 lbs., and a fiber diameter of 56s – 60s count, or 24-28 microns, creating high quality luster yarns with beautiful drape.

Size: The adult Bluefaced Leicester has one of the largest body weights of the British breeds, some rams having been weighed at over 3 cwt. In spite of this size, when mated to the smaller hill type ewe, the ewe is able to carry and lamb its crossbred progeny without the slightest difficulty. A ram at maturity should weigh 250-300 lbs. They have an excellent disposition and are quite manageable despite their size. Ewes will typically weigh 170-220 lbs. at maturity.

Violet's latest shearing produced 8# of the softest fleece, and that is going to the processors sometime next week or so.

I will have her fleece back in Roving form for spinning about the time we elect our new president, and will have skeins of her yarn on sale just in time for the holidays.

I can and will take orders for custom colors in advance - please let me know what you are interested in.

BFL and Romney are both increadibly soft, but do not felt as easily as Merino. This means that you will not see as much pilling from this as a traditional Merino based yarn. The natural luster from this yarn is amazing though, and it is a big hit through many of the cloth diapering communities for diaper covers.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
9:06 am
It's Shearing Season and I will be buying raw fleeces soon for spinning...
Poll #1253033 Fleece interest

As it's shearing season again, I'm looking at types of fleece to pick up for yarns to carry at the Etsy store...

Ramboullet - Very very soft, at risk for felting.
Merino - very very soft, at risk for felting though.
Tunis - garment grade
Southdown (not as prone to felting naturally)
Super-Wash Merino (will NOT felt, but is treated to be this way)
Jacob (Rare fleece)
Corriedale (Awesome stuff, if you like BFL, you may very well like this)
I really don't care - just get more of your hand spun and hand dyed's up already!!!
Can you take some time to explain what the various fleeces are like and what a micron count is?

For those who've asked about Blue Faced Leicester, I contacted a shepard in Michigan who happens to have this lovely ewe recently sheared... If she'll ship to the processor for me then I'll have some BFL in stock in around 2 months vs the insanely long amounts of time it takes normally to get my fleeces back. I'm not sure on the cost per yard right now as this fleece is a little more than the normal cost I pay locally for the Romney, Tunis, Cheviot, and Southdown fleeces I get.

On the Dye front, as it's that time of year I'm keeping a pair of rubber coated gloves and a pair of scissors in my car with me at all times... if I see a plant growing wild in an area where I can harvest that I know will be perfect for dying with, I'm grabbing it, and hanging to dry so I can work with it later. I also happened to get in about 5# of Jaquard acid dyes via mail yesterday. I completely forgot I'd bought them when I saw the box on my porch. Needless to say I'm a very happy camper right now. While I don't forsee getting to dye much before mid month (have a wedding reception in Mass next weekend and a bathtub to replace at home before then) I do think that before October I'll get a lot of the roving I do have in stock spun, dyed and listed in Etsy.
Friday, August 29th, 2008
11:33 am
Cross posted to the CD community:

Hand spun and hand dyed wool for sale. http://tgtreasures.etsy.com
I’ve been doing my very best to try to get out from working outside of the home (Initech from OfficeSpace the movie has been my code name for where I work and it’s pretty accurate ;-) ) and this is pretty much my first formal foray into posting here for these purposes.
I recently stocked my Etsy shop with hand spun and hand dyed/painted wool, perfect for socks, or wool soakers or whatever creative things you might have in mind!
Orders placed with the code “Initech-CD” that wait for invoicing will be given a 25% discount as I really want ya’ll to get a chance to take a look at what I have to offer, and hopefully you’ll like it all!
I have more dying to do this weekend, as well as more spinning so please also note the community [info]tg_treasures  as I’ll be updating there when I stock more hand spun yarn.
I carry and spin primarily next to skin so you can be comfortable putting it on your baby and not worry about scratchyness. Also unless otherwise indicated, I dye with food grade dye, with the intent that if it’s safe to use around my babies, then it will be safe to put on a baby.
While I’m not too sure if my feedback for purchases made here has ever been updated, I do have a detailed positive feedback over at Etsy and over at Ebay as ChinaRaven
I look forward to filling your orders – any thing placed today or tomorrow by noon will be dropped off tomorrow after noon at our postal substation.
Friday, March 7th, 2008
11:15 am
Week Ending March 7 update!

TG Treasures has lowered the prices on the remaining Superwash Merino yarn in stock this week. This is a Merino/Nylon blend that is incredibly soft, can be lanolinzed for cloth diaper covers, and used like a normal cover, or used for other baby items that can be tossed in the washer and dried on a normal setting. 

I can’t stress how soft this is, and how easy it is to knit with. It's also great for socks or shawls...

Please come take a look at what we’ve got in stock, including several hanks of hand spun yarn as well.  Bright spring colors are standing out this week, begging for your attention and to be your next project. 


Buy Handmade
Friday, February 29th, 2008
10:55 am
February Special
I'm running a special at Etsy right now because I want to clear out
the commercial spun yarn in favor of my own. All these were kettle
dyed and are wonderful in hand - very soft. Both Sock and Worsted
Weight yarns... all called Yarngetti by my daughter.

My February special is just about up - 2.00 shipping on the first
item, and 1.00 a skein thereafter... Please, clean me out so I can get
some of my hand spun up and can support my three year old daughter's
flower girl dress habit.

The URL is http://tgtreasures.etsy.com

Also on February 27 my son turned 1 year old… so I decided to run a
silly sale on Etsy, in addition to my February special.

His birthday means those who want to buy some Yarngetti, Yarn Eggs or
Drop Spindles can get 10% off on all items listed in my Etsy Shop –
just put the words "Hello Draco" in the message to seller box when you
check out and wait for an updated invoice.

This sale expires at 11:59PM EST February 29th.
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