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Hand spun and hand dyed wool for sale.
I’ve been doing my very best to try to get out from working outside of the home (Initech from OfficeSpace the movie has been my code name for where I work and it’s pretty accurate ;-) ) and this is pretty much my first formal foray into posting here for these purposes.
I recently stocked my Etsy shop with hand spun and hand dyed/painted wool, perfect for socks, or wool soakers or whatever creative things you might have in mind!
Orders placed with the code “Initech-CD” that wait for invoicing will be given a 25% discount as I really want ya’ll to get a chance to take a look at what I have to offer, and hopefully you’ll like it all!
I have more dying to do this weekend, as well as more spinning so please also note the community [info]tg_treasures  as I’ll be updating there when I stock more hand spun yarn.
I carry and spin primarily next to skin so you can be comfortable putting it on your baby and not worry about scratchyness. Also unless otherwise indicated, I dye with food grade dye, with the intent that if it’s safe to use around my babies, then it will be safe to put on a baby.
While I’m not too sure if my feedback for purchases made here has ever been updated, I do have a detailed positive feedback over at Etsy and over at Ebay as ChinaRaven
I look forward to filling your orders – any thing placed today or tomorrow by noon will be dropped off tomorrow after noon at our postal substation.
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